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new company

Hey everyone!

This is going to sound lame, but I am running out of things. I KNOW ppl will want to give me advice and say, do this... do that.... try this, or try that! I know that some ppl will attack me here saying im a sham, or whatnot. i have been building a security company in the province of Ontario. It is presently, the only "post 9/11" security company in existence.

Have you ever seen a security guard, and laughed at him/her thinking what good is this person going to do? My company has a hiring and selection process that is the same a local/regional police. We also have a training program that is superior to other companies in existence.

Finally, we have a small client base that is willing to sign on once we have ourselves set up. So, all we need now, is start up capital. I have been to all the local banks, and have been turned away. My investor, who was going to help, recently passed away, so I am left dealing with this all on my own. it has been suggested that I maybe look for donations. Thus, why I am here. we have a website up www.oracleinvestigation.com which is only a coming soon page presently. But were working on it.

i am looking for people to donate to this cause, and help me get my start up capital together. in turn, at the end of our first year, i will make a donation for the total amount of the donations given to a local charity in the names of everyone who is involved in getting me up and running.

The paypal email addy is dj_havok@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who helps out.
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