mavix_cervante (mavix_cervante) wrote in realestatega,

Seeking Apartment in Savannah

I've been doing my homework and have seen some apartments I would be interested in renting, but I need your help Savannah! I've never been to Savannah, GA before and I'll be moving to the area for college in the Fall. So I need a kind and honest person to tell me which apartments are good and bad! It would be greatly appricated.

I'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to move into shortly in Savannah. A big plus would be near Savannah Tech and nearby public transportation. 

I'm just looking for something nice, nothing really special... but I don't want to be stuck in some crappy apartment for the school-year. 

Please let me know which ones are good and which ones I should stay away from! You can also e-mail me at

Thank you soooo much!
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