free blow jobs and fudgesicles (melenia) wrote in realestatega,
free blow jobs and fudgesicles

far fetched but worth a shot

i'm looking at moving to athens, or close surrounding area, end of aug/beginning of sept of next year. far away, perhaps. i am currently in minnesota, and the chances that i will have enough money to find a place, then come back here, and then move are slim. so, i'm looking for roommates. i have three years and endless roommate situational experience (i'm one of five presently). it would be most convenient to move into a place already established, seeing as how i would be moving in one trip, picking up and leaving. i'm a 21 year old female college kid. i'm open to living with pretty much anyone, if you or anyone you know will be looking for a roomie at that time.... please.
meleniamos at yahoo . com
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